Bloch Eyot is the new musical adventure of musician Nikolaj Bloch. A personal hurricane of Scandinavian roots, English heritage and the subculture of the rivers where he lives. A multi instrumentalist but foremost a singing guitarist with an affection for the musical saw. His compelling melodies and musical touch can be heard on recordings spanning alternative artists to Hollywood movies  – People often find it hard to reference his style.

Born in Denmark, his mother taught him Danish political folk songs on guitar at the age of 6. He trained classical piano at college, and when he left school he joined a touring blues band. In his early twenties he scrapped the plans of studying musical therapy and upped and left for London. A year later he had formed the band Subcircus and was signing his first record deal. The band was his sole musical outlet for six adventurous years. 

Nikolaj’s musical journey has been broad. From touring the world with an indie band to ghost-writing in Hollywood – From writing with the late Rick Wright (Pink Floyd) and Chris Difford (Squeeze) to running a studio in the Lebanese mountains – From performing with the British rock band Feeder on Top Of The Pops to being on the review panel at Sound on Sound magazine.

It is not surprising that ‘Magic Folkgrass’, his debut album as Bloch Eyot, has drawn comparisons to everything from Cat Stevens, Johnny Cash, Elliot Smith, Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen to Scandinavian folklore and fairy-tales. 

Nikolaj lives on a French barge on the river Thames in London. 

“Beautiful, just beautiful”. – Haydn Bendall (Producer/Engineer; Kate Bush, Van Morrison, Massive Attack)
“About as mature and assured a debut album as you’ll ever hear…” Steve Lawson (Improvisational Artist and blogger)
“…I like the sound, I can’t really sniff where you get your inspiration and thats cool.” – Andri Ólafsson (Bass Player; Bjork)
“I tell my girlfriends it sounds a bit like Johnny Cash on Valium” – Allison Hall (Fitness Instructor)

Having experienced the ups and downs of being signed to major record labels he is now embracing the grassroots diy approach of releasing music online without the help of a record company.

Bloch Eyot is currently on tour. Read more about it here

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