What do I do?

I make up music, I play it live and I record quite a bit of it.

I live for the moments when melodies takes you on a journey and float you along. That, and my kids is what keeps me curious.

My first solo studio album is Magic Folkgrass. It is a moment in time. A moment of vulnerability in the company of friends.

Have a listen…

“Beautiful, just beautiful”. – Haydn Bendall (Producer/Engineer; Kate Bush, Van Morrison, Massive Attack)
“About as mature and assured a debut album as you’ll ever hear…” Steve Lawson (Improvisational Artist and blogger)
“…I like the sound, I can’t really sniff where you get your inspiration and thats cool.” – Andri Ólafsson (Bass Player; Bjork)
“I tell my girlfriends it sounds a bit like Johnny Cash on Valium” – Allison Hall (Fitness Instructor)



Sometimes I get to make up little tunes for film and tv. I post bites of whatever music I am currently tinkering with on Soundcloud. Listen Here 

Do I play my music live?

I love the magic, the unexpected, the fragility that is the communication of live music. I am humbled by the number of concerts I have been invited to play already.

It’s a one man band.

Want to see me play? CLICK HERE

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I don't write often, usually once a month.

See you soon ;-)


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