Rings In Water

Jun 09, 20150 CommentsTour

Rings in water

I get asked quite often how I go about booking the concerts. I hope this explains it. 

It is half coincidence I am playing boat and house concerts. I was booked to play my very first show at a floating Guy Fawkes event on a large barge by tower bridge. A week before the concert I wrote to a bunch of boat living people and asked if I could come to their boat that coming week and play a concert. I needed the practice :-)

That week, when the Friday came I had played seven different boats. Some of the boat-owners had invited friends over but at one concert I played to just one person. Talk about vulnerability, it doesn’t really get more intimate than that. It was nerve wrecking but also amazingly rewarding. I had never experienced this level of close connection with an audience.

The following weeks and months the word seemed to spread like rings in water and by March I had had the joy of playing over 40 concerts. Every single one of them was an experience I treasure and will remember for years to come. I had met some engaging, kind and generous people.

Since then the rings in the water have spread a little further and have brought me on a four week tour in Scandinavia, as well as more boats and houses in the UK, an asylum center, a high security prison, and a charity concert for oxfam.

A couple of days ago I was responding to requests for me to play in Lebanon and USA. 

A while back I started recording the concerts. The main idea behind this is to be able to give away downloads to people on the mailing list but I am now also considering putting together a more official live album. But first I need to find time to get the recordings organised and mixed into full stereo colour sound :-)

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Be well